Friday, July 28, 2017


While working on my graduate courses and finding new professional development pieces for my coursework I stumbled upon this new movement, #ObserveMe.  I decided to go all out for the last few weeks of school and try out the new tool.  I found a generic observation form for mathematics, and then created a Google Form that was linked to a QR code outside of my room.  The Google Form contained a few questions a colleague could give me feedback on.

The objectives I wanted feedback on were:

1. Improving questioning skills to further student problem solving skills.
2. Have students persevere in making sense of problem solving.
3. Create meaningful activities for critical thinking and problem based learning.

With our district being inner city urban youth, we are constantly under scrutiny from all sides and from that we were tasked with creating a teacher to teacher observation tool within each building.  Through all of the meetings about what it would look like, and Distributed Leadership meetings that we were going this route, but we never got into the full use of the teacher observation and collaboration tool.  Since I found the tool I figured why not give it a try and open up my classroom to others.


  1. Good luck. You may want to check out these #ObserveMe troubleshooting tips so you can get the most feedback from your goals. Look at the first section in particular:

    For example, consider "Improving questioning skills to further student problem solving skills." versus "How can I improve my questioning skills to further student problem solving skills?"

    1. Thanks for the tip! I will update my flyer for the fall!